1. Plastic Soldier Review - HaT French Guard Chasseurs


    Review The infantry of Napoleons Imperial Guard was mainly made up of grenadiers and chasseurs, with the former ranking above the latter. However these troops were ...

  2. Edged WeaponsHorse Soldier


    ACCOUTREMENT SET PICKED UP AT FREDERICKSBURG. This group consists of a belt and buckle, percussion cap pouch, and a model 1855 bayonet with scabbard.

  3. Previously Sold ItemsHorse Soldier


    EXCELLENT CONFEDERATE CSA GENERAL SERVICE BUTTON. This artifact is a fine condition, non-dug example of a two-piece CS army general service button as worn on ...

  4. [UPDATE] The Face of Military Dating ScamsThe Wall of ...


    UPDATE: This Aint Hell writes about who you can contact if you believe you have been scammed and the person is posing as a US military member.

  5. Plastic Soldier Review - Zvezda French Imperial Old Guard


    Review While a close bond might be expected between a sovereign and their personal guard, the relationship between Napoleon and the Imperial Guard was almost one of ...

  6. Soldiers of the Queen - India - The Jewel in the Crown


    Right: The original article from the April 27 (no year) edition of the Central India Times relating that story of the unfortunate Lt. Keith's fatal encounter

  7. Military - GlobalSecurity.org - Reliable Security Information


    Chapter 3. Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority of the Soldier. Being an effective part of a team as a soldier means knowing your role and the rules for that team.

  8. Basic Military Police Course (31B) - The United States Army


    Scope. This course is designed to teach you, the individual Soldier, the Critical Skill Level 1 tasks required to become a Military Police Soldier.

  9. Guard Mounting - Wikipedia


    Guard Mounting, or Changing the Guard, refers to a formal ceremony in which sentries providing ceremonial guard duties at important institutions are relieved by a new ...

  10. Soldier's Load Solution - Airborne


    UPDATED 26 May 2010 "Combat Light" Soldier's Load Solution for the 21st century 1 st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne) Director Mike Sparks: after 28+ years of ...